Reimagine, modernize, & streamline applications & application workflows.

Quorum Software


Value added

By providing a better customer experience we can increase user satisfaction, create customer loyalty, decrease the time for training, and reduce customer support calls. Through continuous iterations and user testing, we are able to make better decisions faster and reduce development time and cost.




In-house dev team workshops

We start by conducting internal workshops with the dev team in order to understand the existing software applications so that we know what needs to be refined and improved upon.


User testing and UX/UI strategy

The second phase is to conduct user research by interviewing real-life users to discover pain points. This allows our team to then develop a UX strategy, UI design and UX/UI roadmaps that will ensure an efficient workflow for the dev team and optimized products. Part of this process includes introducing systems for design creation and maintenance.


Front-end development solutions

IIIMPACT also supports Quorum’s team with front-end development solutions (.Net MVC / Angular / React, HTML, CSS) and the creation and maintenance of a custom-built front-end component library. In addition, we continue to assist with improved feature development of all applications.