Change & innovation consultants

We can play the role of the cavalry and get you out of a hole, sure. But what we prefer is to partner with you in the long game.

We want to strengthen and empower your internal software dev teams. We want to help you with change management, getting your app users to buy into new products and updates because they feel included and considered in the development process.

We want to work with you for a decade, not a year. And we want to make you more money by building better systems.


IIIMPACT pilots & pacesetters

Makoto Kern
Founder/product design lead -the ‘let’s work smarter’ guy

Makoto is a skilled strategist with a background in electrical and robotics engineering. He has worked in the digital product development space for two decades, consulting with a global clientele base in the fields of enterprise software development, specializing in Agile design and product development strategies.

Makoto’s passion is helping companies build great digital products. His current focus area is supporting clients to develop coherent and sustainable long-term software development blueprints, with a focus on Agile Coaching and Change Management Consulting.

Scott Harden
UX lead strategist - the ‘bold new ideas’ guy

An accomplished design thinker, creative problem solver, and service- and product design strategist, Scott specializes in helping forward-moving companies enable rapid and scalable change. He guides internal teams to break the boundaries of what they thought possible while simultaneously (vastly) reducing enablement risk (seriously, he’s very good at this).
Scott loves nothing more than to simultaneously inspire and empower business leaders to break the glass ceiling on their existing software development goals, reframe them, improve them, and do really cool things they’d never imagined possible. He does this through the formation of innovation studios-in-residence, helping our clients demystify the process of design.

Brynley Evans
Front end dev ops/ux lead - the ‘there isn’t a problem we can’t solve guy’

Brynley is basically obsessed with ensuring that your designs are as user-centered as possible, which means he’s the one always considering the actual guys in the trenches (end users) who have to utilize your software applications day to day.
Brynley wants to make sure their needs are properly met when it comes to updating, scaling, and optimizing existing software applications and platforms. He wants them to love using the tech. So he is going to make sure it’s the best. He's that creative problem solver who loves adding the kind of value you’ll remember for years.
This uber-dedicated whizz works on every phase of a project from concept to final delivery. He’s been doing this with us for 16 years, so we trust him (and our company’s reputation) with our lives.

Paul Van Zyl
Technology & design lead - the ‘seriously innovative tech’ guy

Paul Van Zyl Paul is a polyglot programmer, entrepreneur, consultant, and award-winning product designer with 10+ years of experience putting together, educating, and leading truly agile teams.
Paul has run hundreds of large-scale DevOps interventions and done organizational re-engineering, innovation, and technical coaching programs for startups and enterprises on five continents, He’s worked in diverse and challenging environments from banking to MedTech to data science. His expertise in tech stacks includes: Serverless, K8, Neo4j, React, Cloud Architecture, and Golang (last time we checked. There are probably loads more by now.)