Top Product Design and Development Companies To Help Your Business Thrive in 2023

IIIMPACT is a leading product UX design and development company with over 17 years launching 100s of digital software enterprise and mobile products for startups to Fortune 10 companies. We have helped clients from almost every industry vertical –  the energy, robotics, fintech, cybersecurity, retail, HR, education, ecommerce, etc.


We’ve also been listed in the Inc5000 two consecutive years in a row for one of the fastest growing independent companies in the US. We’ve also ranked in the top 50 in the southwest that includes TexasDallas / Houston / Austin, Nevada / Las Vegas and Arizona / Scottsdale.



Finding the best product design and development agency firm to work with can be daunting. There are many big name choices from IDEO, Mckinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, etc. 



In this article, we aim to help give you some guidance around the following:


– What are the challenges that face companies trying to launch a digital software product


– How to choose a top product design company


– What does it cost to hire a good quality top software product design and development agency


– What are best practices in the software product design process and why tech companies are turning to product designers


– 5 Steps to analyze a good product design and development process and team


If you are looking for a top product design and development company to help launch or redesign your software product with a scalable, high-quality Design and DevOps process – contact IIIMPACT


Our flexible, high-impact (pun intended) expert action teams, will help you navigate the complex, risky waters of trying to launch a new product or redesign your current application. 




Challenging times ahead – Innovate when others are cutting



Here we are in 2023 and things are possibly about to get ugly. The ‘R’ word has been working it way through the media, doom and gloom is upon us, the sky is falling, etc. etc. 

Those who are old enough have been through this song & dance a few times already…history doesn’t repeat itself but it does tend to rhyme. IMPACT has been around for over 17 years and we don’t intend on another down cycle, recession or what-have-you to stop us from moving forward and doing the same for our client partners.  


As business leaders, you all know better than anyone how unpredictable and uncertain the business world can be. Whether it’s the economy, new technologies, or changing customer needs, there’s always something that can throw a wrench in your plans.


But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. In fact, seeking out expert guidance and support can be one of the best ways to navigate these challenging times and set your business up for success.


That’s where our software consulting services come in. By working with a team of experienced professionals, you can get the insights, support, and solutions you need to thrive in today’s rapidly changing landscape. 


Here are 5 ways that our software consulting services can help your business succeed:


1. Identify and address weaknesses in your current software systems


If you’re struggling to keep up with the demands of your business, it could be because your current software DevOps and Design processes that aren’t up to the task. Our consultants can help you identify any weaknesses or inefficiencies in your current setup and develop a plan to address them.



2. Choose the right strategic approach that is user-centered and outcomes focused


With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the right software for your business. Our consultants can help you evaluate your needs and recommend the best solutions for your specific requirements. 


Everything from creating and managing your roadmaps, prioritizing business objectives, KPIs/OKRs, to your design and development teams, cloud server, QA testing, user testing, qualitative and quantitative testing, etc. 



3. Implement & test hypotheses for new innovations, fast and with confidence


Creating new innovative solutions and redesigning an old software application, can be a complex and time-consuming process especially if your in-house team has been primarily focused on a specific tech stack. 


With our consultants, you will have a partner that has the expertise to make it as smooth and seamless as possible when developing a new innovative product. We not only make recommendations to our clients, but we help you plan and execute the implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.


4. Implement a design thinking and digital transformation / change management strategy


Your business has alot of problems to solve in order to create a successful, innovative enterprise, mobile or Saas application. For your team to align properly with your company’s vision and business strategy, while implementing a more efficient process, design thinking and digital transformation needs to happen from the top down. 


We help your executive team implement a successful design thinking and change management process that helps break the bad habits that creates problems and risk in a software development life-cycle process.


5. Provide ongoing support and maintenance


Even after your software is up and running, you may still need ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it continues to meet your needs. IIIMPACT is here to provide that support, helping you troubleshoot any issues, continuously improve the design and product usability to keep your software innovative and desired by your customers.



In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable and efficient software infrastructure in place. By working with our software design consulting services, you can get the expert guidance and support you need to thrive and succeed. 




How to choose a top product design company


Digital product design companies can help you find the right fit between your product and the market, improve your design and development processes, and create digital experiences that your users can understand.


Googling “top UX agencies” or “top software design and development company” will get you millions of results. The biggest agencies are also usually the most expensive. 


Our team at IIIMPACT has worked with many of these top software consulting companies in the past but we won’t make a big impact to your budget. Our motto is to not just recommend the best process, strategy or approach, but also to help our clients execute and provide the tactical work – good scalable designs and high-quality development code. So your company will get better expertise, value and output but at a more reasonable price.


There are a few important things to think about when choosing a top product design and development company:


Experience and portfolio


Look for a company that has a strong track record of designing and launching successful products. Check out their portfolio to see if their style of design fits with the brand and values of your company.


At IIIMPACT, we have worked with hundreds of companies with different types of teams, software products – enterprise, mobile, responsive, POS, etc. 



Before you contact any innovative product design firm, make sure you go through their portfolio and understand if they really lead strategy as a good design should holistically prioritize the business, marketing, development and be user-centric. 


Most firms just output tactical work (wireframes, UI design) but don’t really teach you how to implement a good, scalable process with design and development teams. Most will just outsource to low-cost, offshore design and development companies that will just be order takers. This provides the least value in the long run because or rework, time-wasted, usability problems, etc.




Just following the cool new UX / UI Trends for the year and having a beautiful portfolio should not be how you evaluate expertise.


When it comes to industry knowledge, we are the experts in software design and development, you are the subject matter experts in your industry. Our services are a compliment to your industry knowledge and we will come in with ideas with minimal biases when designing the best solutions with good usability in mind. 



Software design and development agencies that haven’t worked with clients at different stages of the SDLC process, will be unaware on how to adapt and consult software companies on how to create a product. UX and strategy becomes an after thought that is thrown in at the end.


Communication and working together


Choose a company that is easy to work with and communicates well while the design is being made.


In a good product design process, agencies that demonstrate good practices will not go off and design in a vacuum / silo, they actively collaborate with the customer throughout the process. Everyone wants to have a say in the process, so we at IIIMPACT make sure to teach you how to include the right people at the right time when developing a new software product or mobile app.


IIIMPACT has proprietary workshops that we help align and bring together leadership and key stakeholders to drastically shorten the length of time it normally takes to collaborate internally with your company. We generally create output and value into a 3-5 day workshop that normally takes companies months to get similar results.


From there we collaborate with design, product and development to make sure handoff is smooth and efficient. We inject our senior leads to help where you need the most support to execute the ideas. 


If you are looking for a product design partner, message us, and we will be happy to bring your ideas to fruition and execute a successful product launch. After contacting us, we will arrange a call with you to discuss your plans and objectives in detail and define the next steps.






Ask the product design firm for references and talk to companies that have worked with them before.


Our clients take the most advantage of our flexibility to be able to ramp up or ramp down design and development teams based on their needs. Many internal design and development teams have limited bandwidth as they need to continue to support the current product as that is a main source of revenue. So it’s very difficult for companies to innovate themselves when everyone is so busy just maintaining the current applications. 


IIIMPACT’s action teams, provide the additional horsepower when it comes to supporting internal software design and development teams. Our goal is to never try to replace internal teams, but to provide the most support, remove inefficiencies and change DevOps / DesignOps processes that are broken or non-existent. 






There are a few things to think about when figuring out how much a good product software design firm is worth. These include the firm’s level of skill and experience, the size and scope of the project, how hard it is to do, and the results that are expected. Also, the cost should be weighed against the possible return on investment, such as more money coming in or working better. It is also important to think about the cost of not hiring a firm and developing the product in-house, which can include things like missed opportunities and possible delays.


The biggest cost we see is when companies only look at the bottom line when it comes to cost. There are so many ways in which cheap off-shore development companies have costs our clients money in tech debt / bad code performance and quality, poor unusable designs, time wasted by others having to find and fix problems, and most of all it’s the opportunity cost of not launching their product on time and losing millions of dollars to competitors that were able to secure their potential clients faster. 


We have fixed code and redesigned applications for our clients that choose to go with a cheap offshore design company option. This usually set them back several months to 2-3 years, but in the end they we help them successfully get through the pains of what inexperience, short-term vision and bad decisions did to get them there when launching a new software enterprise or mobile product.


Lastly, set up a meeting with a representative the top software design and development company that you’ve selected to find out how they work and how they approach design. This will help you decide if the company is a good fit for your project.



What are best practices when it comes to the product design and development processes?


Setting clear goals and objectives


Setting clear goals and objectives at the start of the project can help make sure that the design and development process fits with the overall business strategy.


User-centered design puts the needs and preferences of the people who will be using the product first. This can lead to better and more effective product design.


Rapid prototyping is a process that involves making a number of quick prototypes that can be tested and improved quickly. This can help find problems and make the final product better.


Collaboration and communication


Having a strong and open line of communication between all team members, including designers, developers, and stakeholders, can help make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the product meets the needs of everyone involved.


Continuous testing and iteration 


Testing and revising the design and development of a product on a regular basis can help find and fix problems, improve the user experience, and make sure the final product is of high quality.


Agile methodology


Scrum and Kanban are examples of agile development methods that allow for flexibility and adaptability in the development process and encourage testing and feedback all the time.




You should be able to deal with requests for changes and know that designing and making a product is an iterative process.




Keeping a detailed record of the whole process, including design decisions, development problems, and testing results, can help with future product development and maintenance.




Projects never go according to plan and when they do the finger pointing starts. The ability to remain flexible when delays and issues arise is very important for teams. Problems during the software product development process can be anything from time/budget, to problems with the APis, needing to pivot on design, change with marketing strategy, development constraints, etc. Teams that aren’t used to these usual disruptions will falter quickly and cause quality issue with the product and ultimately cost the business money to fix. 




Software / Saas / Enterprise Tech Companies and the value good product designers bring to the table



Software companies will usually need a good-sized team of specialized professionals with a diverse set of skills. Trying to hire a full team can be time-consuming, difficult to retain talent and expensive.  We help our clients quickly ramp up a  hybrid of internal and external resources, with many of the following product design and development experts:

diagram of software tech companies product and dev team structure
Software Product and Development Teams



– Product Manager or Product Owner

– Project Manager / Scrum Manager

– Lead Product or Lead UX Designer

– Usability / User Researcher

– Lead Creative Director – Visual / UI Designer

– Development Team 

 – Front-end developer (Html/Css/Javascript – React, Angular, Vue)

 – Back-end developer

 – QA


There’s been a slow shift within the UX industry as titles are changing from UX Designer to Product Designer. This is no different than when UX Designers were called Information Architects, Human-factors (HF) designers, UX/UI Designers, etc. 


Product designers should be designers that are well-rounded and have deep experience in the multiple areas of design, UX, research, copy, development (some familiarity), cognitive psychology and more.


These designers need to have web, mobile app design expertise to be able to create innovations solutions for digital products in a variety of industries. Some designers will have graphic design expertise, while others will be more product development life cycle and strategy experience. 


Product Designers should be working closely with the Product managers to make sure they are aligned with the strategy, roadmap, KPIs/OKRs of the business. This allows for a more thorough understanding of the problems they need to solve and why. When solutions are presented to the leadership team, these are more aligned with the goals of the business and executive teams.


Many old-school tech companies tend to use design as more of an afterthought or last-minute process that you produce a few wireframes that look nicer and that’s UX.


What we have experienced with weak product teams are when the product managers are risk-adverse and tend to slow innovation down as they are afraid to make any drastic changes to the software design, workflow or User Interface. They need to lean on the experience of the usability/user research team to make sure proper user testing is performed and their customers are heard correctly.





Need to find the best product design and development company?


IIIMPACT has successfully collaborated with hundreds of companies worldwide. Please drop us a message to set up a quick call.


The journey to launching a software product is fraught with many risks and problems, let us help you navigate and reduce these issues so that you feel more confident during the process. 


Our team of expert UX designers, strategist, usability researchers, customer experience experts (CX), product designers, front end, full stack developers and cloud architects will be happy to help you in any way.